Michael Bloomberg: Education ‘a key factor’ in reducing violent crime in Auckland

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A former Auckland City Council leader says education has been “a key element” in reducing the violent crime rate in the city.

Education Minister Michael Bloomfield, who is the former chief executive of Auckland City University, says the crime rate has declined by 40% in Auckland.

“It is absolutely a significant reduction in violent crime and we are still at the same levels as we were a year ago,” Mr Bloomfield said.

“And, as a result of the education system, we are seeing significant reduction and that is a key factor in reducing crime in the community.”

He said there were currently more than 1,500 students enrolled at the University of Auckland, and he would like to see that number rise to 2,000.

He said he was concerned about the fact that crime was not being seen by the public in Auckland, but also the fact crime rates in Auckland had declined, with violent crime declining by 38% in the past year.

Mr Bloomfield says he was shocked by the results of the recent national survey on the violent behaviour of young people and his own experiences.

“I think we are moving in the right direction, we have made some significant progress in the last year or so,” he said.

Mr Bloomfields own experience in the Auckland City Housing Corporation, which he ran from 1995 to 2000, was that it was not a safe environment for young people to live in.

He says the city is “ticking” away from a “dramatic reduction” in violent offending.

So I am not really worried about the crime statistics in Auckland,” he told Radio New Zealand.”

And I am hopeful that we are going to keep going.”

So I am not really worried about the crime statistics in Auckland,” he told Radio New Zealand.

Mr Boones is now a member of the Auckland Council and will be seeking re-election in November.

He will be returning to the electorate for his second term.

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