What is the world’s largest public school system?

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Experts and experts in education are divided over what the world needs to do to transform its education system, but one thing is certain: The United States is the largest and most advanced in the world.

The U.S. has more than 200 public schools.

According to the U.N. Education Programme, the United States has the third-largest per-capita student-teacher ratio in the developed world, behind Finland and Norway.

Yet, for all the talk about American ingenuity and technological prowess, its students are less than half the size of its average population.

In fact, only 13.5 percent of American students are of a comparable age and stage of development as their European counterparts.

Yet in some of the nation’s most populous cities, like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston, students of color are disproportionately represented, with students of Hispanic and black ancestry making up just 17 percent of the students.

“It’s not surprising to learn that a disproportionate number of African Americans and Latinos are in school in this country,” said John C. King, a professor of education at Boston University.

“The reality is, they’re not there because they’re smart or because they want to learn.

They’re there because there are places for them.”

The reason for the disparity is simple: America is the only developed country in the Western Hemisphere that does not have universal free public education.

In some regions, the gap between the average high school diploma holder and a child of the same age is so large that the two groups cannot be compared.

And because the U,S.

is so big, it has to allocate resources in different ways.

In a country that spends roughly three times more per capita on education than the next-largest economies, it can be difficult to allocate funding across schools, teachers, and communities.

In the case of public education in the United Kingdom, for example, the UK’s Education Funding Commission is tasked with ensuring that money is available for the education system.

The UK has more funding available than any other country in Europe.

But the country has not managed to find the resources to fully fund all the schools in its system.

And while the U