Why the GOP wants to take back the White House from Mitt Romney

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A Republican strategist said on Friday that Mitt Romney is a “perfect” president, adding that his presidential bid was not a distraction for voters.

Speaking at a forum on Tuesday in Iowa, Rick Tyler, a veteran GOP strategist and former GOP campaign manager, said that Mitt was “a very smart and well-educated person” who has done “a great job of taking on these problems that the American people face.”

Tyler said the former Massachusetts governor was also “a smart and good man” who would be “an excellent president” if elected.

He added: “I think you’re going to see a much better Romney presidency in 2020.”

“He’s got a great personality, he’s got his own style, and he’s going to have a good administration,” Tyler added.

Romney, who is running for re-election in November, has struggled to win over Republicans in the past, and the former governor’s popularity has dropped since the 2016 presidential election.