Mini educator netflix hits $1.3B for sex ed content

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Netflix, which is owned by Amazon and is the most-streamed content on YouTube, is the latest media company to embrace the controversial topic of teaching young people how to talk about sex.

The company launched the mini-educator, named TinySexEd, last week, and is currently running a campaign to teach sex ed to high school students across the U.S. The campaign has attracted a lot of attention, with critics claiming that sex ed programs like TinySexed are teaching kids that they can’t consent.

But the creators of TinySexED are fighting back, telling The Washington Post that they are not anti-consent.

They said that teaching children about consent in the age of smartphones, tablets and social media has been a major shift in how people think about consent.

And they say TinySexeds goal is to help students understand consent better than their peers.

“Our goal is not to promote a ‘no means yes’ message, but to teach students about consent differently,” the creators wrote in a statement on the company’s blog.

“We want TinySex Ed to be a tool that helps educate and inspire, and we believe that every child deserves the chance to know that their actions have consequences.”

The TinySex ed program is a series of videos that teaches students about “consent.”

It begins with a conversation between a teacher and a student, and then goes on to explain that consent is not a property of one person but a set of circumstances that can change based on context.

For instance, a person may not consent to sex with a stranger, a teacher might say.

But that same person might consent to having sex with you.

“You can talk about consent but not about consent,” the narrator says.

The teacher explains that the best way to learn consent is to observe other people and ask questions, and ask them questions.

The TinyTextEd program has already attracted thousands of students and has garnered thousands of views on YouTube.

The program features an audio-visual approach to the subject of consent, featuring interviews with experts, and a series on the best ways to educate kids about consent from the perspective of an expert.

The videos are all available on the TinySexing website, which also hosts the and websites, according to a spokesperson for the TinyEd program.

The TinySexer is also available for purchase on the website, the spokesperson said.

TinySexEd is available on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Instant Video.

The video on the site is set to be uploaded in the next few days, and can be viewed at TinyTexteds website.

The website also offers videos of TinyEd teachers discussing consent and teaching students how to think about their own consent.

The creators of the TinySentence program, an online sex ed program for teens, said that the campaign to promote consent has been successful, with the TinyAdult program receiving more than 3 million views and reaching 1.2 million new users.

“In 2016, the majority of people who heard about the TinyPenis program were high schoolers and college students,” they wrote in the statement.

“TinyPenis is a safe, inclusive, fun, interactive and educational sex ed curriculum that teaches children about the different ways consent can be abused.”

“Our mission is to empower students and teach them how to be more accountable and accountable for their actions, so that when they encounter someone they don’t like, they know exactly what to do to stop it,” they added.

“We believe that consent should be taught as a child-centered subject, so as they reach adulthood, the lessons are designed for them to teach themselves how to negotiate, negotiate responsibly, negotiate respectfully, negotiate constructively, negotiate and negotiate constructfully, and teach each other how to do it.”

The program is also being offered on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and YouTube.