When the students have the right to choose

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The parents of students in the Washington state school system say they’re outraged by what they say is the school system’s treatment of students with disabilities.

The families have petitioned the Washington State Board of Education for a new rule to allow students to make decisions about their education that aren’t tied to disabilities.

They say the state should stop treating students with physical disabilities as second-class citizens.

A spokesperson for the Washington Department of Education said the department is still reviewing the petition and will respond to the families when it is ready.

The parents have been fighting for years for more flexibility in how their children are treated at schools.

They argue that a large number of students have special needs and that they deserve to be treated equally.

The petition to the board states: “The families have long sought a better treatment for students with special needs, and this is an opportunity for the board to do something about it.

Students who have physical disabilities should have the same opportunity to decide on their own whether to attend school as all students.”

The petitioners say the children have been in the school for as long as they can remember and have lived in different parts of the state.

They have been denied special education, and have suffered in other ways because of their disability.

Some parents say the policy has created a divide in the schools that affects the children, including students with autism and special needs.

The petition says: This policy is a cruel and punitive punishment that is based on a misguided belief that special education students are inherently inferior to others.

We are proud of the Washington students with our students with Special Needs and have worked with the Washington public schools to ensure they are treated equally in the classroom and at school.

The parents said that the policy is hurting students with mental health issues, developmental delays and disabilities who might otherwise not be receiving the special education they need.

Many students with developmental disabilities have disabilities that make it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies, the petition states.

They’re also more likely to be suspended or expelled than their peers who don’t have disabilities.

In Washington, special education is considered a special education requirement, and students who have disabilities have a right to special education services.

The Washington Department for Education said in a statement that it will review the petition when it comes to whether it is appropriate for the district to change the policy.

The district has been in a state of flux since Superintendent of Schools Brad Lander resigned last month amid controversy over his handling of the investigation of former assistant principal Mary Beth Johnson’s sexual misconduct allegations.

Lander had been under pressure from the parents and the Washington Public Schools for more than a year to provide the parents with more information about the school.

The department said that because of the sensitivity of the matter, the department would not be making any further comment at this time.