‘A Tale of Two Towns’ is a sequel to ‘The Tale of the Three Sisters’

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A Tale of two towns, “A Tale for the Memories”, and “A Story of Two Cities” have now been combined in a new animated film from filmmaker Tungsten Films, which tells the story of two families and their struggles as they move from rural New Zealand to urban Los Angeles.

The film follows the stories of the first-generation parents of the young children living in their tiny, cramped, two-room home.

The duo’s first story, about the children’s parents’ desperate search for a place to raise their own children, was shot in the spring of 2016, and is being released in the US on April 21.

A Tale for The Memories, a collaboration between Tungstone and New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson, tells the tale of the parents and their struggle to find their own homes.

They eventually discover a large parcel of land on the outskirts of their community that has been abandoned for decades.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to revisit some of our favourite stories, to explore them in a more intimate way,” Tungston said.

“I think it’s a really beautiful thing to explore the family relationship and the bond between parents and children, and to tell those stories in a way that’s emotionally resonant.”

The pair say they’re also working on a third film, a family story that explores the importance of a loving and supportive environment for children and their families.