You’re now eligible to apply to be a physical therapist in New Jersey

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I have to admit I was a little bit worried when I heard that there were actually a few more opportunities for me to get into the profession of physical therapy.

I mean, I didn’t really have a background in physical therapy, but I did have a bit of a fascination with the subject.

As a kid, I was always interested in science and math, and I loved my family and I just loved learning new things.

My mom and dad would always talk about the time when I was eight, when I started learning how to play piano.

And so that was a great introduction to the subject, but also to physical therapy and I was just curious to see how I could do it.

And that’s when I actually got involved with the physical therapy field.

I was at the university of New Jersey, and when I got my degree, I just kind of jumped in.

I thought, this is a great opportunity, and if I can make it work, I’m going to be able to take care of myself for a while.

I think it’s really important for people who have a disability to have a career.

And I think that I’m really lucky to have this opportunity to help other people with disabilities.

But also, if I’m not able to help people with a disability, I definitely wouldn’t want to be in the physical therapist industry.

So I kind of fell into it at a good time.

I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the work, and so I kind at that point just wanted to get my foot in the door and try to make it a career as a physical therapy therapist.

When I came into this field, there wasn’t much awareness of the fact that physical therapists are really good at helping people with physical disabilities.

So when I came to the field, it was very easy to be kind of an outsider and see people who aren’t physical therapists, people who weren’t doctors or physical therapists or nurses or anybody in the field.

There was a lot more awareness, but when I went into it and saw the professionals, I saw the difference between a physical or occupational therapist and a physical assistant.

And in fact, I think physical therapists really have the most understanding of the disability in a patient.

So, I thought that I would be able be a good example for people to think about this as an option for themselves.

So my job was to be the one to make sure I was teaching my patients that they can do it and that they’re capable of it, so that I could help them understand what physical therapy is and how it works, and how they can improve their lives.

My job was really to help them figure out what physical therapist is and what they can get out of it and what their options are.

So it was really about, I had to learn as much as I could about the profession.

It was kind of like, OK, I am the one who can teach people what physical therapists do and what physical disability is.

And hopefully that will help them become better people.

So that’s what I learned from my experience.

I really wanted to be that person to help others learn what physical and occupational therapists do.

And for me, that’s been a huge part of what I’ve been doing.

So for me now, I kind have an understanding of what physical, occupational and mental health are, and that’s kind of how I was able to make that transition.

So being able to do physical therapy has been a really big part of my life.

I feel like I have really made the transition, and for me personally, I feel that I have a lot to learn.

And now that I can start teaching, I can also give people a chance to learn about physical and other disability related topics, and give people an opportunity to really get to know other people.

And to actually help other individuals with disabilities, as well.