How to make a book on your own

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For the first time, the National Book Council (NBC) has set aside a day for people who want to make their own books.

The NBC is also looking to create a community of book lovers, said Jennifer C. Denniston, the NBC’s director of public engagement.

She said the NBS, which is the country’s leading book association, is also interested in working with the book community to find ways to make books more accessible.

In the past, people who wanted to write or edit their own book were left out of the process, said Dennistons chief of staff, Jennifer Hargrove.

This year, however, she said there are two ways to submit your book to the NBN: You can write your book as a blog post or as a book.

You can also upload it to the online platform Amazon Kindle.

For those who want the former, it’s free, and for those who prefer the latter, it costs $5.

You can also choose from the Kindle and iBooks editions of your book.

The NBS has more than 5,000 authors, including some of the world’s best-known authors.

Denniston said the idea is that if you have a creative way of bringing your book into the world, people will start to want to participate in the process.

The goal is to have a big, positive impact on the book industry.

“We’re really hoping that it’s going to make book publishing and book publishing in general more accessible to people,” she said.

“It’s also going to get people reading books and wanting to read books and get engaged with books, which ultimately leads to better books.”

The NBS is seeking submissions of three or more books, though anyone can write an essay or write a book proposal.

There’s also a selection of short stories and fiction, a book club, and other types of projects.

The organization has created a website for people to apply to the contest, but Dennista said the main goal is that people who don’t already have a book project to work on will have something to contribute.

The book contest runs through Sept. 11.

If you want to get involved, check out the NBTW website.