Google’s new Google Ed, the first place to learn about science and math with an app

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A few months ago, Google announced that it would be offering a new Google education app that would allow students to get their hands on the same kind of content they could get in their own classrooms, using a Google Cardboard-like device called the Google Ed.

Google has been working on this kind of education product since late 2013, but Google said the new product was meant for students in elementary and middle school.

But now, Google is bringing it to elementary and high school students, too, allowing them to get access to some of the same content Google’s own Cardboard offers, including the same kinds of science and mathematics topics.

“In fact, in the new GoogleEd app, you’ll have access to the same types of science, math, and math content as you can find in the classroom,” Google wrote in an FAQ.

Google says it will give teachers more control over the content that they share in the app, and also give students more tools to help them study in the same way they learn in their classrooms.

That means teachers could use a different app to learn in, say, a math lab, or to work on a project in the virtual classroom.

Google is also rolling out an “experience learning experience,” which means it’s offering a set of resources and apps for teachers that it says are designed for use with teachers’ own Google Cardboards.

And now, the Google Education team has started to test out the app in classrooms across the U.S. Google’s education team says it plans to expand the education experience for all of its users in the U