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What to watch in the news from around Australia for August 12-15, 2018, according to BBC Sport:A deadly education – A dangerous child in school who died from an illness he contracted from his own body after a night out, is the latest in a series of deadly cases.ABC NewsRadio’s The Agenda on Friday evening aired a documentary called “The Dangerous Child” that details the story of the 13-year-old boy, who died in his father’s arms in the early hours of Saturday morning.

It also shows the heartbreaking story of his mother, who spent days in hospital, with doctors unable to find any explanation for his condition.

“She is in a state of utter fear for her son’s life, as she was so desperate to get the man charged in the case to turn himself in,” Dr Mark Beresford said on the program.

“They have been trying to get him to turn his hand, but it is a complete lack of cooperation by police.”

The case is one of the most tragic, tragic cases of this sort I have ever seen.

“This is a very sad case.”ABC News Radio’s The Morning Show on Friday night also broadcast a documentary on the case titled “The Deadly Child”.

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