Which school system is the most costly?

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A list of the most expensive schools in the UK according to The Times Educational Supplement, which includes fees, admissions and fees paid out by government departments, as well as admissions fees paid to students who take their course online.

It also includes costs to students from schools with higher standards.

Here are the top 10 schools in each category: 1.

St Edmunds University, London 2.

Queen Mary University, Birmingham 3.

University of Oxford, Oxford 4.

University College London, London 5.

Cambridge University, Cambridge 6.

King’s College London and University College, London 7.

University School of London, Bristol 8.

University London, Birmingham 9.

University Liverpool, Liverpool 10.

University Oxford, Bristol The Times Education Supplement also estimates the average cost of fees paid by government agencies and universities to students, which can range from around £6,000 to £9,000.

Here’s how much each school charges to students: 1-4 years 10,000 – 11,000 11,501 – 12,000 12,501-12,999 15,000-17,999 18,000 17,999-19,999 20,000 20,999+ Source: The Times Higher Education Supplement, The Times, Schools are expensive to run, according to the Times Higher Ed Supplement.

This is partly due to the fact that they’re funded by government grants and the fact schools rely on the state to keep them running.

However, there are also some cases of schools being forced to close or to cut costs as they can’t attract enough money in private investment.

A number of schools have already faced closure as well.

Here is the list of schools whose funding has been reduced due to cuts: 1/4 schools, London-listed: St Edmund’s University, University of Birmingham, University College Oxford, University London 2/4 universities, London listed: University College Liverpool, University Liverpool 3/4 private colleges, Londonlisted: Birkbeck College, Birkborough University, King’s School of Art and Design, King Mary University of London 4/4 secondary schools, listed: Royal Holloway, St John’s University of Westminster, University Oxford 5/4 non-academic colleges, listed Londonlisted:, University College Birmingham, King Street College, University Birmingham 6/4 colleges and universities, listed UKlisted:, Bournemouth University, Leeds Metropolitan University, Queen Mary College of Music, University Loughborough 7/4 hospitals and health service, listed North East London, Liverpool University, Manchester Metropolitan University 8/4 research and educational institutions, listed Cambridge, University Bristol, Queen’s University London 9/4 community colleges and secondary schools UKlisted: University of Manchester, University Leeds, University Sheffield 10/4 libraries, listed Coventry, University Lincoln, University Reading, University Portsmouth