Here’s the latest on the Canada Education Savings Plan (CESP)

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The Canadian Education Savings Program (Cespo) is expected to provide $9.4 billion over five years to provinces and territories to help students get ready for college.

But that money is just one piece of the puzzle.

There’s more.

The program will also give $8 billion over the next five years for low-income students, a boost to the education of youth and families.

The government also committed $1.1 billion for early childhood education.

This will be dedicated to help provide more early childhood learning opportunities for students in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.

There are a number of initiatives on the horizon to help ensure children are able to learn from the most vulnerable in their communities.

But we also know that education and learning can be more than a playground for children to learn.

This is a key part of the strategy to make sure children are equipped for life in the world.

We’ll have more information on this announcement on Friday.