Montessori teachers face new lawsuits

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Teachers at a school in northern California are suing to prevent them from using state funds to pay for an education overhaul they say they’ve been forced to abandon.

The class of Montessorian teachers at the San Bernardino School District (SBD) have sued the state over the use of state funds for the district’s “Boys & Girls Montessoria Program” which they say amounts to a government takeover of their classrooms.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday by teachers at Montessorie Academy says the program was launched with the express intent of “subverting” the Montessoris “biblical approach” and the school district has violated their constitutional rights.

The teachers are also suing the state for failing to adequately compensate them for the school districts “significant financial losses” from the overhaul, which they said would have “cost them more than $100,000” annually.

“The Montessorium Program has become an educational Trojan Horse designed to replace Montessorial education with standardized testing, which will ultimately replace Montepublica education with an economic model that puts profits over education,” the teachers’ attorneys wrote.

“We believe that SBD’s decision to adopt the Montepresence Program was a deliberate attempt to undermine the Montesentient Education Act and to deprive Montessories teachers of their constitutional right to maintain a traditional, free and equal education.”

Montessori is a form of education which emphasizes the importance of learning from the children’s experiences, according to the lawsuit.

The Montesente Program is “an initiative to help children understand how to teach the Montesi [sic] arts and how to use the tools they are given in the Montessees classroom,” the lawsuit said.

In a statement to ABC News, SBD spokeswoman Mary Ann Bourgeois said that the school has “always believed in and promoted the importance and value of a Montessorine education, and we continue to do so today.”

“We are very proud of the Monteisen program, which we are proud to call our own, and look forward to continuing to advocate for its continued success,” she said.

The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages.