Dick Cheney: Education is a ‘curse’ for black kids

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Dick Cheney’s comments about education and the Black community are causing a stir among educators.

The former Vice President made the comments during an interview with MSNBC on Monday, calling education “a curse” for blacks in the U.S.

Cheney made the comment after he was asked about the lack of black leaders in high school and college.

He said: “You have to look at it as a curse because we’ve got a long way to go in this country, the opportunities we have to achieve and the level of achievement that we’ve reached.”

Cheney’s comments came after President Barack Obama announced a plan to expand the number of Black colleges and universities, as well as the number for the nation’s high schools.

Cheney also said he hopes the new initiative will bring more Black leaders to the Oval Office, saying: “It’s about bringing black people into positions of power in the White House.

It’s about the idea that there’s a greater chance that you’re going to get into government, there’s more opportunity to be in the presidency, there is more opportunity for the Black family to be there, and that’s what we’re going forward with this initiative.”

Cheneys comments about school choice and education also came as the White Nationalist Party (WNPI) and the National Rifle Association (NRA) issued a joint statement calling on Congress to pass the Black Educational Choice Act, legislation that would make the federal government a “public entity” for Black families.

White nationalists and gun control advocates have been critical of the proposed legislation, with some claiming that the Whitehouse administration is not taking action on the issue as much as they would like.

Cheneys comment was widely criticized by other public figures, including former Vice Presidents Joe Biden and John Kerry.

Kerry, for example, tweeted on Monday that “it’s sad that Dick Cheney is using his position to attack the #Blacklivesmatter movement.”