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‘We’ve got to do it!’ Students in Australia learn to read and write with the help of computer-generated images

ANRICHVILLE, Australia — Students in Australia have been able to learn to write using the help,

What we know about the state’s education reform plans

California’s top two education officials said Friday that the state plans to offer some $2 bill

When the word ‘bad’ was a euphemism for “bad education” and ‘labor’ was the only word for “labor”, what was the difference?

As many as 5.2 million American children are now undernourished and face the prospect of a grim futur

The most important theory of education in the 21st century

The theory of learning, as it is called in education, is the science of learning.It is the idea that

‘I Can’t Breathe’: The Story Behind ‘The Day the School Died’

By Kate DiCamillo By Kate diCamilloWhen it comes to school shootings, many gun control advocates focu