Teenagers teach sex ed to teachers at school

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A popular video on the social networking site Weebly has been taken down after the teens who created it were charged with promoting “sexual exploitation.”

The teen video, called “Sex with a Teen,” was made by the girls, known as “weeblys,” of Weeblys Academy, a group of teens from San Diego.

In the video, a young man in a dark suit talks about how he would like to play a woman and then he shows the young woman how to use sex toys to pleasure herself, including a penis.

In an earlier video, the man and the young girl play a video game together.

The teens in the video were arrested on Monday after a judge in San Diego, Calif., found them guilty of promoting sex work and soliciting a minor for prostitution.

The two were also charged with two counts of promoting prostitution, one count of promoting sexual exploitation and one count each of solicitation to commit prostitution and promoting sexual activity with a minor.

The charges carry a potential penalty of up to five years in prison.