New York City school district opens up to students with mental health issues

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NEW YORK CITY — The New York school district will now allow students with autism and other developmental disorders to enroll in their public schools without fear of disciplinary action.

In a press release issued today, New York’s Department of Education and New York State Department of Health announced the change to its policies, which include an update to the state’s “Autism Spectrum Disorder” classification, which requires that schools provide support for students with disabilities.

“We know that children with disabilities are often more resilient and resilient than their peers,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a press statement.

“But in order to provide them with a full range of education opportunities, the department is expanding the protections afforded under the law.

I have been very clear that the department will continue to aggressively combat discrimination against children with autism.”

The announcement comes as New York is preparing to expand its state-wide autism program in 2018.

The Department of Public Health and Mental Hygiene has been working with the New York state Department of Children and Families and the Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities to establish a statewide program for children and families with autism.

The goal is to expand that program to include students with learning disabilities.

In addition to the policy change, the district will allow students who have a medical condition that prevents them from learning and who have not completed a high school diploma to take advantage of the district’s free tuition plan.

New York State’s new guidelines also apply to all children, regardless of disability status.

According to the Department, in the past, students with developmental disabilities who were admitted to public schools could be subject to disciplinary action and have their eligibility for public funding revoked if they failed to meet a variety of requirements. 

The department noted that it is now accepting applications for students who meet these criteria.

The school district is one of three to open up to its students with the disorder.

The others are Westchester County and the state Department for Children and Family Services.

The other two are West Virginia and New Jersey.