‘The Apple Education’ app is giving kids a new lease on life!

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By Michael G. Balsamo, USA TODAY Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company is offering new Apple education camps to students and families with limited time on campus.

The camps, which begin next month, will give children and families the chance to see how Apple is working with the schools and colleges they are attending.

The company will work with schools and schools to teach their students new technologies.

They will be given access to a range of content from Apple products, like Apple Pay, which the company announced Wednesday.

Apple is also offering the camps to help educate parents.

Students will have the chance of going on a tour with Apple employees and visiting with students in classrooms, the company said in a statement.

Students will also have access to videos from Apple labs.

Apple has been partnering with schools to launch the camps, the statement said.

“Apple has an unparalleled level of experience and technology expertise, and we’re excited to partner with schools across the country to bring these new camps to life,” Cook said in the statement.

The apps will be free to use and can be purchased on the Apple App Store.

Cook said that many schools have a “critical mass” of students who are interested in learning new technologies but cannot afford to take them on.

Apple also said that the camps will include a range and quality of instruction.

The Apple camps, set to begin in the spring, will be for students who have less than 90 days on campus to attend a school, while those who are taking courses will have to take up to two more days off.

The companies goal is to get as many schools and students to sign up as quickly as possible, according to Cook.

Schools and parents have until the end of the year to sign-up, though they must also agree to not take classes for the next two months.