Timoth�t�e Chalamet, a film about the Bad Education Department, debuts in New York on Wednesday

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A New York Times film about a Brooklyn educational facility where students are exposed to anti-Semitic material is opening in New Jersey on Wednesday.

The film, titled Timoth �t�es Chalamets, about the bad education department at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, is being produced by the Jewish Community Center of New Jersey and is expected to open on Thursday in Newark and Jersey City.

The movie follows the experiences of students in a classroom, including a student who is Jewish, a Muslim student and a black student.

The film is being directed by a veteran New Jersey filmmaker, Timoth Echam, who is also an assistant director at the Jewish Center of Trenton.

The students in the movie are among the first in the country to see the film, and Echamp is hoping that they will give the film a positive review.

Echamp said the film will also be a catalyst for other schools to take a stand against anti-Semitism.

The bad education Department at the academy was set up in 2006 to try to deal with the growing number of anti-Israel and anti-Arab hate crimes in New Brunswick, and it is responsible for protecting students.

The department is located in a high-crime area in the East Village.

The academy had its office in the West Village, where it was accused of not enforcing anti-hate crimes laws.

Echamps son attends a nearby high school, and the academy is also in a neighborhood with a high concentration of young Arab and Jewish students.

In the movie, the student in the classroom is a Muslim, who has been accused of being a member of an extremist Islamic group.

The Muslim student’s name is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who said she has been bullied at school for speaking out against Islamophobia.

She has been told she has to wear a hijab in class, and that her hijab is part of the Islamic faith.

The Jewish Community center said in a statement that the film is part a larger effort to educate young people about the importance of free speech, which includes free expression of ideas.

The New York Police Department did not respond to a request for comment on whether the academy had a policy against wearing hijabs in the academy’s buildings.

A spokesperson for the academy said in an email that the academy has been proactive in combating anti-Jewish bias and anti-“anti-Semitism.”

The academy did not say how many students attended the academy.

The academy’s director, Tim Chatham, said the academy�s efforts to combat anti-Muslim bias and other forms of racism are a hallmark of its mission.

The curriculum includes a focus on creating a diverse learning environment for all students.