‘I Can’t Breathe’: The Story Behind ‘The Day the School Died’

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By Kate DiCamillo By Kate diCamilloWhen it comes to school shootings, many gun control advocates focus on school shootings.

But gun violence prevention advocates often take a different approach, focusing on school safety and the community’s response to it.

For one, many of the gun violence victims are the children of gun owners.

This is because the children who are shot in schools are the ones who will face the consequences of the school shootings themselves.

And while schools are supposed to protect children, the schools themselves are often the place where gun violence is most concentrated.

The schools are also the places where parents can most easily and legally have guns, making them a perfect place for the kids to be shot.

The New York City School System has already faced a number of gun violence outbreaks, and the most recent of which occurred in January.

The shooter who killed six children and three teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School was an unlicensed semi-automatic weapon, a Glock .40 caliber pistol that had been purchased legally from a dealer in Connecticut.

The gunman had no prior criminal history, and was able to obtain the weapon legally because the state’s concealed carry law was not yet fully implemented.

According to the Sandy Hook Promise, a community education campaign, schools will be able to “re-engage students in their own community and encourage them to work together to protect and improve schools.”

This means that teachers, administrators, administrators themselves, and parents can all work together in the hopes that the community will work together against gun violence.

But what about the kids who will be affected by the school shooting?

This is the kind of gun safety that the Newtown Promise doesn’t address.

When a child is shot in school, they’re supposed to be safe, but the reality is that children are often at the mercy of a gun in their home.

That’s because, as the Sandyhook Promise says, “school safety is a priority of the New York State Education Department.

School safety programs are focused on promoting positive, safe learning environments for students.”

This includes “reopening, repairing, and upgrading schools to prevent, mitigate, and contain firearm-related incidents.”

While this is laudable, the gun safety message is incomplete.

The New York Times reports that the state also has a “safety net” that is meant to help schools that are not in compliance with state safety standards.

This means a “school resource officer” will visit schools, provide a report, and then “work with schools to develop safe school practices, including safe gun storage, safe classroom environments, and other safety measures.”

This is where the gun control agenda really falls apart.

While the Newtown promise and the Sandy hook promise are laudable efforts to make schools safer, these programs are only meant to provide information and education to schools in compliance.

As a result, many schools have had to close, many teachers have had their jobs taken away, and many schools are in need of additional funds.

The real solution to gun violence isn’t to put guns in the hands of those who should not have them, but rather to make sure that schools are safe for all children.

When it comes down to it, we all know that guns have no place in a school.

Schools should be places where children can learn, play, and grow.

They shouldn’t be places that have guns in them.

We all know this.

But for many, it’s impossible to envision a future where schools are places where the next tragedy could happen to children.

We can only hope that gun control supporters can focus their efforts on schools that can actually provide for the safety of the students they serve.