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College enrollment falls, job prospects are worse in 2020, study says

In 2020, college enrollment will fall by more than 6 million students.But the drop in job opportuniti

How to learn to code with Minecraft video series

The video series on the Minecraft gaming platform, Minecraft Education, has introduced players to the

Texans coach Ted Bairstow fired by Browns

Houston Texans head coach Ted Bailey has been fired by the Browns, the team announced Tuesday.Bairsto

Which websites are best for online education?

I’m not one of those kids who likes to spend a lot of time on YouTube and other online learning

Why is American education so bad?

In America, the highest reading scores in the world are for students from the bottom half of the soci

What’s it like to be a student in education?

Education has always been a very important part of life.I have seen it evolve and change over the yea

How to Choose the Best College in the Gulf Coast

A look at the best colleges in the United States, based on how much money you’ll save by going

How to get the most out of the free university education

How do you get the best out of your free university course?How do I get the greatest return from my u

Former Alabama A&M quarterback, Michael Bennett, to retire from NFL

Michael Bennett has decided to retire at the end of his career with the Seattle Seahawks.The veteran

How much does a college degree cost?

By Dan MericaCNN| February 07, 2019 06:01:22When you think of college, you probably think of a colleg