Education consultants are finding new jobs in the Australian Defence Force (ADF)

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The Federal Government’s new recruitment strategy aims to make the Australian Armed Forces more professional and competitive, but many career professionals say the recruitment of career education experts is undervalued.

Key points:The new ADF recruitment strategy says job opportunities will be developed for those who want to teach, mentor and assist with project development”The Australian Defence has had to adapt to an increasingly globalised world, and as a result we are seeing a number of people leaving their careers and heading into the workforce,” the Department of Defence said in a statement.

“Many of these positions will require a degree of education and experience and are a key requirement for the ADF to recruit new cadets.”

The department says the new ADM jobs will be created for those that want to learn and teach.

The recruitment strategy says the ADM’s role is to support project development and lead the development of the ADAM programme, which includes mentoring and advising new cadres.

The ADM will also be responsible for developing an overall plan for the cadet program, which will be tailored to each cadet’s specific skills and abilities.

“This role is essential for the successful development of all ADM graduates and will enable the ADEM to continue to deliver its role as an active partner in ADM,” the ADE said in its statement.”[This] includes supporting the cadets to complete their training and to meet all ADAM requirements, as well as supporting the ADB’s role in the program.”

The ADF is recruiting to teach at the ADMI and the ADCM schools.

The department said it will develop a job-search strategy to ensure people with relevant experience are included.

“We will work with the industry and relevant sectors to identify suitable positions for our people to apply to,” the department said.

“There are many positions available in the ADU and at the CMI that we believe will be well suited for ADM role.”