Which schools have the most students from poorer backgrounds?

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11/23 How do you make sure students get the right help?

article 12/23 Where can I get more help with my child?

article 13/23 What can parents do to help their children?

article 14/23 Can I share a child with someone from a different country?

article 15/23 Are there other ways parents can help their child?

title What are the top ways parents could help their kid?

article 16/23 Does it matter where they live?

article 17/23 If I’m worried about my child’s mental health, what can I do?

article 18/23 Will I feel better if I move back to the UK?

article 19/23 Should I have a second child?

1/23 When and where can I stay at my current school?

article 2/23 Which schools are open?

article 3/23 Do I need to book an appointment for my child to move to a new school?


article 4/23 Is my child eligible for free or reduced-price school meals?

article 5/23 Am I eligible for a free child care benefit?

article 6/23 Why do I need a child care allowance?

article 7/23 Could I get free child allowance?


8/23 Has my child been in care for more than three years?

article 9/23 Did my child have a mental health assessment at the end of last school year?

article 10/23 Who should I talk to if I have questions about my baby’s life?

article 111/23 The new £30,000 childcare supplement will help you to get the support you need.

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