How to Use Your Smartphone as a Driver Education Course (VIDEO)

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Posted September 05, 2018 07:13:08 You may already know how to use your smart phone as a driver education course.

You may not know that your smart phones can be used to teach driving in school and beyond.

That’s what a new class called “Driving For the Future” has done.

The course, titled “Driven By Google” is available for free on Udemy, the online education company that created Google Drive.

Udemy says it has raised over $1 million for the project and is aiming to bring it to the United States.

Udacity, the company that launched Google Drive, is the largest online educational company.

It’s an interesting idea.

There are some basic principles that need to be followed to learn driving in schools.

It’s also a lot like driving for the future, which is the idea behind Google Drive and other driving courses.

The basic premise of “Drived By Google,” according to Udemy’s website, is that “people learn to drive better by studying the road, not just driving.”

The students in the class will be driving in public schools, and it’s the first time a class on driving has been offered on Udacity.

It comes after Udemy last year launched a driver training course called “Learn To Drive With Google,” which is available in English and German.

“Driving for the Future is an ambitious vision for driver education, as well as an ambitious goal to bring drivers together to take the next steps toward safe, sustainable, and efficient mobility,” Udemy wrote in a statement to CNNMoney.

It is not clear how much the course is costing.

The class will consist of a series of videos that will explore the basics of driving in the real world.

In the first video, titled, “Drivers Are People,” the students will be given a driving test in a test-and-error situation.

The video ends with the students learning how to do a full stop, go around a stop sign, and go around two red lights.

While Udemy has been offering driver training courses since 2015, the new class is its first offering on Udacemy.

“Drives For the future is a way for students to learn the skills they need to take their driving skills to the next level,” the company wrote.

“It will also give them the tools to make real-world decisions, including how to drive safely and how to be responsible drivers.”