Education, education city to shut down: Report

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KANAPOULA, West Africa (AP) Africa’s education system is in danger of collapse as students flee a government crackdown on free expression and academics are forced to shut their doors, the head of the nation’s largest independent education organization said Thursday.

The World Educational Foundation says about 6 million students have left the country to seek work abroad, and that the number of students in private education is shrinking as governments clamp down on dissent.

It says the country’s economy will likely shrink by 5.5 percent this year, the worst performance since 2011.

In a report to lawmakers, UNESCO’s chief executive, Christiane Amanpour, warned that the world must be prepared for a global crisis that will shake education and the way education is taught around the world.

She urged governments to immediately establish safe spaces for students, give parents the option to send their children abroad and provide scholarships to cover tuition and other expenses, including for college.