When the Apple Education Bundle launches in 2018, parents should be prepared

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Apple is offering a special bundle of preschool and daycare education and tech to parents for $1,199 for a two-year membership.

The new education bundle includes a $1 million education grant to start with and a $300 gift card for a year of Apple-branded preschool and childcare.

The company says the program will give parents an education beyond the traditional preschool curriculum and is aimed at increasing the number of preschoolers who choose Apple products over those offered by traditional schools.

The offer comes after a year in which Apple raised $4 billion in new financing.

The $1.2 billion sale to Amazon this week included a $500 million equity stake and an additional $1 billion in stock.

The stock has surged this year.

Apple’s offer of the new preschool and childcare education programs will be available to parents of all income levels starting in October.

The first $2,500 of the program is free, while the remainder of the money will be covered by Apple’s HomeKit service.

Apple says its new curriculum will be particularly effective for preschoolers and families who are more focused on physical activity and are able to use apps and technology to engage their children in more activities.