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Education Minister Ted Bundy has announced a new diabetes education campaign, which will involve students learning about diabetes from an early age.

Key points:Diabetes is one of the most common chronic illnesses in Australia and many schools are failing to offer enough diabetes educationKey points Diabetes education will be a key part of the Government’s plan to tackle the problemThe education campaign will involve classes taking place in the school auditorium and in the auditorium at the school, and in classroomsThe Education Minister said the campaign would include classes on diabetes, nutrition and other issues, with the goal of educating students on how to manage the disease better than their peersDiabetes can affect someone’s life, but is less common in younger generationsThe campaign will start in April and will involve about 20 classes a week.

The campaign aims to educate students about diabetes and its potential side-effects, with some classes focused on educating about prevention and management.

“We know that diabetes is one [health condition] that’s not really covered by the school curriculum and that’s really important,” Mr Bundy said.

“In our community, we’ve had many examples where we’ve been able to tackle some of these issues better than others.”

The new diabetes campaign will look at some of those areas.

“He said it was a good way to ensure diabetes education is an integral part of what the Government was doing to tackle diabetes.”

What we’re looking at is a whole suite of things,” Mr Bundy said.”[The campaign] will include some of the things we’ve already done in terms of teaching kids about diabetes, in terms with nutrition, in the classroom.

“It’ll also look at the way we’re addressing diabetes in schools and how we’re trying to get them to know how to handle diabetes and manage it better than the rest of their peers.”

Mr Bundy confirmed he was looking to bring in an outside consultant to help design the campaign, with advice coming from industry.

“I think that a lot of the work that the Government is doing to help us manage the pandemic in schools is really a result of the advice and input that we get from the industry and also from government,” he said.

The Government has set up a national campaign to tackle health care costs and a new online portal called the Health Care Cost Challenge will be launched this week.

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