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Educator E collar has been awarded the first patent for a ‘smart collar’ which can identi

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The following article appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on July 10, 2019, and was first published

STC: A study of the importance of education

The United States Education Department said on Thursday that it is recommending that states adopt a p

Trump Education Agency hires ‘dubious’ Texas nurse educator jobs

Texas’ education agency says it’s looking for a Texas nurse who worked at a nursing home

Why Sundar Pichai has taken on ‘a lot of work’

With Sundar, Google has the perfect combination of talent and experience to be a great leader in this

How to start a career in science education

Continued education courses are the perfect way to help people gain a better understanding of science

The New York Jets will start training camp in 2018-19 on the first day of the season

By Tom RinaldiThe New York Giants are expected to start training camps on the same day as the Jets, a

How to pay for college education

The cost of college has skyrocketed.That is the conclusion of the National Center for Education Stati