Why it’s important to watch the new trailer for the new BET show titled BET Education

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Video: The latest trailer for BET Education is the latest example of how the show is taking on what it perceives to be the “anti-education establishment.”

The show follows three young adults who are “learning the ropes” in the new, high-stakes world of education and is also being filmed in New York City and Atlanta.

The show, which premieres in the coming weeks, is set in the near future when teachers are forced to face “the world” and “re-educate” students.

It also focuses on the struggle for quality education in a country where more than half of all students don’t have a high school diploma.

BET Education premiered in January, but has received some mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike.

One critic said that the show “raises an alarm bell for students that they are not getting the quality education they need and that their parents and communities don’t seem to be responding,” while another called the show a “sad commentary on the state of the country.”

In a press release announcing the new series, BET said that “this is a watershed moment for education and the country.

This is the first show that we have created that puts a voice to the voices of students who feel they are being ignored or undervalued.

This series will allow us to change the conversation and bring real-life examples of students’ struggles, as well as their hopes for their futures, to the public eye.

We want this show to be a beacon of hope for students who are frustrated by the current education system.”

In the press release, BET also cited the success of its popular series, The Blacklist, as a model for the show.

“The Blacklist,” which premiered in April 2016 and focused on two teens living in the New York and Los Angeles areas, has garnered more than 1.4 million viewers on its first week of airtime.

“This series is part of the evolution of the BET Education network,” BET said in a statement.

“It will provide viewers with real-world, in-depth educational experiences that will engage and inspire them to make real-time change for the better.

We know that the world is watching, and that is why this is so important.”