Why Sundar Pichai has taken on ‘a lot of work’

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With Sundar, Google has the perfect combination of talent and experience to be a great leader in this rapidly changing world.

It’s no coincidence that Sundar has the most experience in the field.

He has worked for Google for over 10 years and is widely regarded as the best Google executive at this point in his career.

His ability to make bold moves is what led Google to invest in his $400 million acquisition of Yahoo.

Sundar was hired to lead Google’s search team in 2010.

Sundars hiring in this position marked the beginning of a significant shift in Google’s hiring practices.

He also has extensive experience in software development. 

Sundar, like many Google executives, was raised in the Bay Area.

He was raised on the idea that Google was a startup company, and was exposed to the tech scene through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

Sundar grew up in San Jose and graduated from Stanford with a degree in business administration.

He worked as a web developer in Silicon Valley for several years before joining Google as a software engineer in 2007. 

While working on his MBA, Sundar became interested in the idea of running his own software company.

In 2010, Sundars company was founded, a subsidiary of Google, to sell his own online services.

The company was eventually sold to Google in 2014 for $1.9 billion. 

In 2011, Sundares business partner, Eric Schmidt, became CEO of Google. 

Schmidt was also Sundar’s first hire at Google, and the two later became partners.

In 2016, Sundaris hiring at Google was hailed as one of the most successful Google hiring decisions ever.

Schmidt is one of Sundars closest friends.

He and Sundar were instrumental in helping Google become a global leader in online services and the search industry.

With Schmidt at the helm, Google continued to expand its business in search, launching Bing and other services to compete with the likes, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon.

The new company also focused on helping users discover and share information and apps, making it easier for people to navigate the internet. 

It is interesting to note that Google has been actively looking to hire more software engineers in recent years.

Google has also been actively recruiting people in the tech industry in recent months. 

The Google CEO has also had a hand in hiring many people from other tech companies.

For instance, Sundrars hiring has included former employees of Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix and other tech giants. 

For all of the attention Sundar receives, Sundaars success is also often overshadowed by his family.

He is also the father of a 9-year-old son, which has been a constant reminder that Sundars family is not the focus of his job.

Sundar’s family has also taken on a different role in his life.

The Sundar family is very involved in the arts, with the father serving as a consultant and the mother leading a philanthropic foundation.

Sundaar has also become a vocal supporter of philanthropy in his home state of California, with a number of notable philanthropy initiatives, including an initiative to end poverty through a local arts program. 

With his background in technology, Sundari is also able to speak on a range of topics, including diversity, technology and the arts. 

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