Trump Education Agency hires ‘dubious’ Texas nurse educator jobs

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Texas’ education agency says it’s looking for a Texas nurse who worked at a nursing home after a recent spate of deaths in the state.

According to a letter sent by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), the agency is looking for the person who is currently working at a facility called the Texas Nursing Home Care Facilities, or TNCF.

TNCFs are state-run facilities that provide care for people with serious medical conditions, but it’s unclear whether the person currently working there has been diagnosed with a mental illness.

In the letter, the DHHS said the person should be able to provide the agency with documentation of their work history, including a history of mental health issues, and a record of positive work performance.

The agency also wants the person to submit a letter of reference to confirm that the person has a medical license, a copy of their current and valid driver’s license, and other information that could help establish their qualifications for the position.

According the letter from the DHSS, the agency does not expect the person will be able or willing to do the job.

“The applicant will be expected to demonstrate that the qualifications of the position are appropriate and are within the scope of the positions advertised, the nature of the duties performed, and the availability of other qualified applicants,” the letter reads.

“The candidate will also demonstrate that their suitability is an integral part of the overall management and operations of the agency.”

If the person is not interested in working for the state, the letter continues, they may consider applying to work in another state.